Why traveling India is important to learn about poverty in the World?

travel ideaThe difference of states between two people while one being extremely poor and other being extremely rich is called poverty. People who are extremely poor are always categorized in the word as they are in the state of poverty. Poverty overtakes everyone. The overtaking here means the rich gets the maximum and poor gets the minimum. No count was taken no responsibility given. Here is one of the Travel ideas by Ibn Battuta if you want to learn history.

India has a huge different of cast between people

India has a huge difference of cast among the people. those people who are the higher cast live among the rich ones. Those who have lower cast live among the lower poor ones. People are even discriminated by the color and the way they talk. Low cast people are often marked as the bad omens. They are not allowed to eat in the public. They are not allowed to talk in the higher tone in the public. Mostly lower cast people often end up to be the gangster. Lower end cast is often killed when there is a clash between two classes.

Such difference of level practice by the normal society and people accepting such facts is known as the poverty. That is why India is categorized as one of those countries which lack in terms of moral sense. They don’t care that another person is human being they only care about how much those human beings can go through.

India has lower educational rate

Since India has to be one of those countries which don’t lay greater emphasis on teaching children work. They lay greater emphasis on how the children will react to the other children offense and how hard they can work in the fields. A farmer working in the fields will never send his children to the schools in India because they believe earning more at the faster rate is better than learning nothing at school. Farmers have a huge amount of capacity in India. These farmers respect the number of people present to work in the fields rather than going school and college. They always beat their children who ask about the educational rights. They often starve them to work for the fields. They believe that giving something to the land is better than giving something to knowledge that won’t help in the future.

No women rights in India

The women rights in India are pretty low these Indian rights are not going to increase. Unless the women take a step forward in the society. Women are still beaten in the Indian homes on the will. Those Indian women which are appointed at the big seats of the society are still scared of their husbands. They try their very best to obey their husbands as their servants. Even sometimes the husband family beats the women since they are living in their house. Often mothers tend to lash out on the small mistakes of the family. For all these reasons India has been best suited for poverty level.