Top 5 education problems in Arab world

arab worldThe failure of the political system in the Arab world is mainly because of the failure of the education system. Some of the advancements are performed in the education system in past few years because of the investment by the MENA region. There are still many key problems in the education system which hinders the economic growth. The analysis and predictions show that the problems will be solved by having a developed education system. The top 5 problems in the education in Arab world are as follows. If right measures are taken, these problems can be solved.

Lack of skilled staff

The teaching staff is not skilled and highly educated for teaching the new and advanced techniques to students. In order to improve the economic growth and cater the future needs of the market, the teaching staff should be skilled. When foreign qualified professionals will teach in the institutions, they will prepare the workforce up to the mark of modern market needs.

Absence of high-level institutes

The post graduate and other higher level education avenues are not available for the students. They do not have enough resources to carry out the research and other education utilization on large platforms. This is a major drawback. Due to this, there is not highly skilled workforce which generates the need to get the people from other nations. The unemployment crisis is seen in the local public of this area.

Education failure in rural areas

The education sector is almost next to nothing in the rural areas of theArab world. Even the primary level education is hard to get. Most of the schools do not have enough resources as well as skilled staff to impart quality education. Because of this, the education sector is facing drastic effects. The low quality of education is making the economy suffer. The new youth which is going as the final product of education system is not skilled enough to do the decision making on astrategic level.

Requirement of critical thinking ability

To have the right political system work, the presence of critical thinking ability is necessary, unless or until the public or youth will not question the rules and regulations imposed on them forcefully, there will be no development in the political system. In spite of the high-level growth in the economy, the political system is still having multiple problems. To challenge the higher level authorities and breaking the old boundaries is the main concern as well as theneed of the hour.

Jobless education

The injustice prevailing in the market in the decision making about the employment generation should be removed. Although the educated people are generated, they are not skilled enough to provide the required reforms in the economy. Because of the horrible education system prevailing in the Arab world, multiple reforms are needed.

These were some of the problems in the education in Arab world. Multiple reforms are now taken in order to fill this gap between the employment and education systems.