King of Morocco Launched Mohammed VI University of Health Sciences in Casablanca

Health SciencesThe value of education has been regarded as among the strongest basis for a nation’s development & productivity. Certainly, education is a method through which information can be communicated & protect until the next generation. The government of Morocco, which functions under a complex power and shared agreement with King Mohammed VI, has been open about the need to discuss primary education setbacks.

In line with this, King Mohammed VI introduced a few days ago at the Hay Hassani prefecture in Casablanca, the Mohammed VI University of health sciences, a modern school for innovation that expects to brand itself as a center for research & training in the medicinal field amongst Europe & Africa. The Mohammed VI University of health sciences covering an area of 31,000 square meters whose building works were inaugurated by Morocco’s King on 5th of January last year, includes 6 training foundations, specifically a faculty of dentistry, a faculty of medicine, a faculty of nursing & health sciences, a secondary school of biomedical engineering, a global school of public health, and a faculty of pharmacy, set to launch in fourth quarter of next year.

The initial multidisciplinary school institute, a first of its kind in the country.  Mohammed VI University of health sciences incorporates a set of offices, including a national reference lab, a research centre, an assembly hall, school lodging with a limit of more than a thousand beds, all built using modern engineering keeping in mind the concept of sustainability & power saving.

The newly opened University, is a not for profit institution with a approach to private management & in partnership with the Ministry of Higher Education & the Ministry of Health of Morocco, presents high level of teaching process and has very capable admin staff, implements the most recent learning tools and techniques, both as far as research and training. With a value ranging to 600 million Moroccan dirham, the Mohammed VI University of health sciences right now has more than 1,200 understudies from both Morocco & overseas. It awards free education on the premise of academic standing as well as the economic situation of the understudies. Therefore, somewhere around twenty five to thirty percent of the University’s total understudies are scholars chosen on the premise of these two criteria by a sovereign commission made out of officials from Higher Education, Scientific Research & Professional Training.

The launch event was set apart by the screening of an institutional film on the Mohammed VI University of health sciences, with tributes from local and foreign educators & understudies. As part of the government’s Vision 2030, this initiative somehow co-supports Morocco’s aim to have education be more accessible and to encourage scientific research in universities.