Best Games to play in your Sahara Visit

Sahara is one of the best vacation spots in the world. Different people gather around this beautiful desert to enjoy the beauty of this place. The place gets more enchanting in the evening and in the night when lights of Sahra are roaming the eyes of the tourists. The Sahara is a beautiful place which has its own unique beauty and source of the beauty is just standard.


The cricket is one of the most playable games of all times. Sahara desert is a more suited area for any kind of run and fun game. Cricket can be easily played on the sand while the ball might not bouncemuch, but the game is sure interesting. The huge numbers of players playing the game can also matter to drive the attraction towards the game. The cricket game has a unique requirement. The game needs eleven players on the pitch. There is one side which bats and the other side who balls. The side which bats has two players on the pitch while the side who balls will be having eleven players on the pitch. From these eleven players, one is abowler, and one is a batsman.

Pass Ball

Pass ball is simple game best for the sand kind of scenarios. Pass ball meaning one player is passing the ball to another player. The other player who is playing the ball shouldn’t drop the ball no matter the situation. The ball can be small and the large to increase the difficulty of the game. The Pass ball does require careful eye otherwise games can be quick sometimes. The quick games can be problematic as it can leave players in the awe and difficult for them to respond to the fast passes. The passes are mean to distract players towards the other playergame.

Defense line

This is the game is on of the interesting game. The player pushes other players on to the edge of the line. Each player is given sufficient amount of time to push the other player. In this amount of time, the other players need to move accordingly to the gameplay.

Arcade games

Some of the arcade games can also be played in the Sahara desert. Although these are the technological games, they have their fair share of the fun in the desert. Mobile based games are always interacting on vacations. They can provide an equal amount of fun and interactions with the other player. There are many games that could be more energy based then the arcade games. Since everygame has its own uniqueness arcade game, do give a right amount of joy.

Tug of war

This game has been used to determine the power of two teams. The both teams start to pull the rope towards one end. While the other team needs to pull the rope towards itself. The person who will be more powerful can pull the rope more towards itself. The players dug themselves in the sand and kept dragging the rope backward.