Benefits of setting up business in Abu Dhabi

abu dhabiEvery region has its own advantages and disadvantages of the business market. In the market of Dubai, it is considered as the best market for operating business because Abu Dhabi is the most emerging market in the world. There are innumerable opportunities in the market of Dubai to have a start up. People from all over the globe come to this area to make profitable business ventures. The main advantage this place has is the location. Company setup in Abu Dhabi has multiple benefits which help you about taking this decision. Some of the key benefits are as follows.


This is the key benefit which drives the attention of many investors. The main thing is the right structuring of the firm you are going to start. Given the right structuring, the business can earn huge profits. There are no local taxes in the corporate sector. Not only the corporate sector but also the real estate industry does not pay any kind of taxes. There are many foreign residents who have started new business set ups in Dubai, and they do not get entitled to any kind of capital gain taxation, personal income taxes, value added taxes or withholding taxes.

Financial services

In the region of Middle East, the financial sector is centralized in the region of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. There are many offshore facilities which serve as the main attraction for some investors. Entrepreneurs around the globe take it as a successful market in the field of financial services.

Free zone

With the help of free zone, Dubai is considered as a heaven for the investors. The entrepreneur of this region is capable of doing business with 100% ownership in the foreign market. If you do the import and export business in the free zone, you are not entitled to any kind of taxes at all. Your capital investment and profits can be repatriated unrestrictedly to your home region. Also, there are no taxes for the corporations until 50 years. An entrepreneur does not have to pay any kind of personal taxes in the free zone. You are also helped with the right recruitment of labor a well as many other support services. Some of the specific region which is entitled to be the free zones sum up to be 38 in number.

In addition to all these benefits, Abu Dhabi is also considered an Industrial hub. The per capita income of the individuals living in this place is higher than the incomes in Middle East region. The economy I really diversified which it make easy to have a Company set up in Abu Dhabi. Foreign goods also have a really high demand in the local area which opens a great opportunity for the international brands. Oil and gas sector, transportation, tourism, construction and many others sectors have huge success in this area. With all these benefits there are some potential challenges which are faced by the companies, and they operate to cope up with them efficiently.